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Selfless pitcher chases history
Ryan Seefus
Antelope Staff
Photo by Ryan Seefus
Jared Loschen has no trouble keeping his feet on the ground when discussing his record breaking career. He finds the same feat difficult to accomplish while on the mound.

If you ask Jared Loschen what has made him a successful pitcher for UNK, he will quickly credit the people around him, “I believe that all collegiate athletes have been blessed with natural athletic ability, but it is things like my teammates, coaches and family that keep me working hard to get better in practice and games,” he said.

Staying motivated has helped Loschen earn 22 wins as a Loper, putting him one win away from breaking a record that has stood for more than three decades. Before this year, the record for most career wins by a pitcher was held solely by Ken Vergith, a Loper who played in ‘70s.

“Realistically, even though my name might be attached to the record, to me it represents the fact that I have played on four really good teams, with some great teammates while here at UNK,” Loschen said.  

The Kearney native has been a regular weekend starter for the Lopers since he joined the team in 2006. Besides strong supporting casts, Loschen possesses a trait that has been critical to his survival. “The biggest thing that has remained constant throughout my career as a pitcher is that I have always had a burning desire to compete,” Loschen said.

The senior has embraced his role as a key contributor on the pitching staff and has welcomed the pressure throughout his career. “Standing on the mound with the ball in your hands and the game on the line is something that you either really love or fear, and for me it is certainly something that I truly love,” Loschen said.

Loschen has been able to refine his mechanics to stay competitive on the mound against the same RMAC teams year in and year out. “In order to minimize the error in pitching, we really focus on our mechanics and become very fine tuned with our delivery of the baseball,” Loschen said.

While the will to win allowed Loschen to be successful early in his career, the ability to make adjustments has helped him rack up an impressive win total. “I love the challenges that go along with pitching and how each and every pitch, batter and team are different,” Loschen said.

The UNK baseball team takes on Regis University this weekend, and Loschen will compete for a little piece of history on Saturday, March 13 at noon. Come out and support him, but don’t let the other eight on the field go unnoticed.
“Behind every pitcher that has had some success is a team full of great baseball players,” Loschen said.


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