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Come one, come all to UNK Army ROTC open house
Ashley Leever
Antelope Staff
Infographic by Staff

For college freshmen, the university atmosphere can be very intimidating—being accepted by new friends and peers, living up to expectations and making or breaking it in the real world. Fledgling college organizations face much of the same scrutiny, but UNK’s Army ROTC is determined to break the ice.

With less than a year under its belt at the UNK campus, there are many students on campus who may not even know of its existence. In order to form a solid foundation and relationship with the campus, UNK’s Army ROTC program will be holding an open house on Monday, March 22 at the Ponderosa Room in the student union at 3:30 p.m.

“We are trying to let everyone on campus know what ROTC has to offer and what we do on a day-to-day basis. We also are going to recognize some of the cadets for their achievements over the year. We are inviting our parents, faculty and the student body in order to get in contact with UNK in general,” said Cadet Cory Walcott, a junior psychobiology major from Kearney.

Members of ROTC are hoping that this open house will get their name out there not only for potential recruits but also to the faculty. “Our main focus is to form a relationship with the UNK faculty by inviting deans, department chairs and advisors. Once we have that relationship established with faculty, we will focus more on the student body,” Walcott said.

The event is projected to last approximately two hours with refreshments provided and booths that feature daily aspects of an Army ROTC cadet’s daily life. “We want the campus to see what our program consists of, from our physical tests in the mornings to what we do in labs and also our extracurricular activities,” Walcott said.

An awards ceremony will also take place at the open house, with rewards coming from UNK’s parent entity at UNL and from within the UNK ROTC for physical fitness and classroom achievements.

“We want people to come to the open house if they are interested in joining in ROTC or just to see what kind of relationship the campus has with the military. Our primary focus is to establish a solid relationship with all of UNK,” Walcott said.


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