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Fugitives captured on campus after student alerts police
Travis Borchardt
Antelope Staff

At 11:30 p.m. Saturday night, UNK police captured five escaped juveniles from the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center by the spillway north of the UNK campus, according to Sergeant Dawn Adams of the UNK Police.

The police had been contacted by a male caller responding to a UNK Alert warning about escaped juveniles.

The UNK student who called said he and friends were playing basketball west of Mantor Hall when a young male approached them and asked if he could use their phone. A few minutes later, it appeared as if two young men had been locked out of their vehicle and were trying to get in.

Later, the two approached the onlookers again and asked for a ride to Lincoln. Already a little suspicious and feeling the request was strange, one of the students immediately called the Police when the alert came through.

The UNK Alert was sent out around 10 p.m. asking students to be aware of the situation and to report any suspicious activity.

Three officers responded, and the fugitives were apprehended. “YRTC is not that far off campus,” Adams said. “This is not the first time escapees have been on the UNK campus.”

This incident serves as a reminder that students should be alert to prevent themselves from being victims of on-campus crimes. “Keep your vehicles locked and all personal valuables inside your dorm,” Adams emphasizes. “One of the things these escapees look for is a vehicle to use.”

Students should always contact UNK Police when they see something that doesn’t seem right. “It is important to report any suspicious activity as soon as you witness it,” Adams said.

While some students might be reluctant to report something because they think that maybe they are just being paranoid, Adams said students should call in about concerns, “no matter how little,”— and report right away, not wait.


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