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How's that job outlook? Nebraska Workforce Development speaker to forecast jobs in state
DeAnn Reed
Antelope Staff
Infographic by Staff
Infographic by Staff

A free one-hour workshop forecasting job outlook for the state and highlighting available search tools will be held March 8 at 4 p.m. in the UNK Ockinga Seminar Center.

The main session speakers will include Rod Armstrong, vice president of Strategic Partnerships from the AIM Institute and Mary Findlay, research analyst from the Nebraska Workforce Development.

Shawn C. Kaskie, director for the Center for Rural Research and Development, said Mary Findlay will share what the main employers in the state foresee in the job market. Kaskie wouldn’t speculate to what the current job market is but did say there is a certain amount of underemployment in the area.

Kaskie said there is a benefit to what Findlay will share, “They are using administrative records. They go through and find out where the recent college graduates in Nebraska have gone, and they know which industries they have gone to, so they can gauge the success of recent college graduates.”

Kaskie said Armstrong will show students how to use the online resource called to find a job. Armstrong said, “Unlike many job boards, combines a global market reach with a local and regional focus.  We have partnerships with numerous economic development groups, chambers of commerce and other community organizations throughout Nebraska.” These partnerships “leverage to promote job and business opportunities that complement local efforts at outreach to attract new residents, businesses and employees,” Armstrong said.

The Nebraska based online job finder currently hosts more than 2,400 employers and currently posts over 8,000 jobs and internship opportunities.  The site receives, on average, 13 million hits per week,” Armstrong said.

The job outlook for Nebraska college students puts them ahead when compared to other states Armstrong said. “Remember that Nebraska is ranked very near the top nationally for job opportunities, especially in careers such as health care, information technology, sales and marketing and financial services.  The opportunities are out there if you take the time to do your research.”

Reporter Kyle McBride

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