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Tiger's apology unnecessary
Craig Hall
Antelope Staff
Online courtesy photo

In light of Tiger Woods's recent apology to his fans, his wife, his sponsors and basically everybody in the world, the question arises: Was his apology necessary?

First, let’s start with his fans. I, being a huge fan of Tiger Woods, did not feel that he owed me an apology. As a fan, I am concerned about how Woods performs on the golf course. I enjoy seeing his name on the top of a leaderboard rather then in a headline— especially a headline about extramarital affairs. The only thing that I believe Tiger owes fans is the explanation of when he will be back on the course. We hope to see him sooner then later, but that is for him to decide when he wants to announce his return to golf.

“As Elin pointed out to me my real apology will not come from my words, but from my behavior,” said Woods in his statement made on Feb. 19. Elin Woods is entirely right. Woods did not need to apologize to his wife on national television. He needs to work on his marriage in private, where the media is not involved. However, it is good to see Woods is taking the necessary steps to fix his marriage that has been torn apart the past three months.

As the face of several companies and his charity, Tiger Woods has evolved into a national role model. Throughout the whole ordeal, some companies stood by him, though some left. I don’t feel that Tiger is obligated to apologize to these companies through the media. This kind of thing can happen to anyone, and although his actions were unacceptable, an apology to his sponsors should be behind closed doors.    

    None the less, the courage it took from Tiger Woods was monumental. Very rarely has there ever been an event that has captured the national media’s attention like Woods’ statement. It is great that a person like Tiger Woods seems human, yet I am much more eager to see him looking like the greatest on the course after all this is said and done. 


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