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Changing trends in fortunes cookies: Compliments not expected from these Asian treats
Erik Dodge
Antelope Staff
Photo from Internet

A few times a week my day is brightened by a walk across campus, under the bell tower, past the fountain and into the heart of Asia.

By the heart of Asia I am, of course, referring to Bamboo Asian Cuisine in the student union. However, for a long time now a dark cloud has been creeping over my lunchtime paradise.

Like my walk, my meal saves the payoff for the end. In this case, the grand finale comes in the form of a delicious cookie with a fortune inside. Unfortunately, as of late, I have opened my cookie only to find it fortune less.

Now I don’t mean to deceive anyone. There was a piece of paper, with a message written on it, hidden discretely in the center of my cookie. The recurring problem is that the hidden messages rarely inform me of my fortune.  

Sometimes, right before my eyes my cookies supposed fortunes such as, “People are naturally attracted to you,” or “You tend to draw out the goodness in others,” morph my fortune cookies into compliment cookies instead. It’s a nice gesture, or perhaps even a noble effort to improve campus morale, but I am still anxious for my fortune to be revealed.

The real threat presented here runs much deeper than my disappointment for lack of fortunes. In this new ‘feel good’ era we are robbed of our fortunes and forced to trek through life with no inkling of what the future may hold. I sat pondering this problem over my most recent lunch. When I finished, after failing to solve the problem myself, my only hope was my fortune cookie. It read, “Your nature is intense, magnetic and passionate.”

Even though I was disappointed, it’s hard to stay mad at a cookie that does nothing but pass out compliments. The only thing I learned was if that cloud continued to hang over my head, it was likely to open up and rain down compliments for the rest of the semester.


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