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Well-traveled Australian finds new home at UNK: Mitchelhill follows childhood dream through baseball
Ryan Seefus
Antelope Staff
Photo by Pam Seefus
Mitchelathill watches a ball low and out of the strike zone. He is the prototypical leadoff hitter because he has great discipline and a knack for getting on base.
Courtesy Photo

With a unique accent and an occasional submarine throw (releasing the ball below the waist) from second base, Jordan Mitchelhill is making one of his dreams come true. “I have wanted to play baseball in the United States since I was a little kid,” Mitchelhill said.

So far, he’s been doing more than just playing. The junior from Melbourne, Australia, has compiled a batting average of .548 and an on-base percentage of .641 through nine starts this year.

While cricket is the most popular sport in Australia, Mitchelhill’s sight has been set on a sport with a different type of bat and ball. “Baseball is a smaller sport in Australia. Many of the teams playat a high level, but there are a limited number of teams to play on,” Mitchelhill said.

He managed just fine.

Although the second baseman’s high school did not have a baseball team, he learned his trade elsewhere. “Most of the baseball I played in Australia was on club, state and national teams,” Mitchelhill said. During his pre-United States career, Mitchelhill traveled to play baseball all over Australia and in both Japan and Mexico.

No matter how or where he was molded into the player that he is today, the UNK baseball coaching staff has been pleased with everything Mitchelhill has done since he arrived on campus last fall.
Assistant head baseball coach Adam Neisius said, “He adds a legitimate leadoff hitter to our lineup because he is able to hit for average and power, get on base and drive runs in. Actually, you could put Jordan anywhere in the order, and he would be successful.”

This year Mitchelhill will have the opportunity to see much of the Midwest while traveling and playing. One stop that he will definitely remember is the game in the Minnesota Twins’ Metrodome this past weekend.

Although playing in a professional stadium is an impressive feat, Mitchelhill and the rest of the team want to make reservations on the East Coast in late May. The DII Baseball World Series is held in Cary, N.C., and the UNK baseball team is going to do everything they can to make sure they are there.


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