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Get credits in China: Study abroad program offers classes at same cost as UNK
Emily Wemhoff
Antelope Staff

China, a major trading partner with the United States and now with UNK will be the destination for students studying abroad beginning in the fall of 2010.

It took months to develop the program, but the Office of International Education is proud to offer students the opportunity for a semester in China. First stop is Hebei Normal University near Beijing. While there are several study abroad programs available, this program in particular offers a unique opportunity for students at the same costs as a UNK on-campus semester.

According to Dr. Dallas Kenny, director of international education, in order to keep the program affordable, the semester offers only UNK courses, which will help make it an exciting, enriching and educational program for students.

While studying abroad, students will be required to take a minimum of 12 credit hours. The UNK faculty member leading the program will teach one four-hour course and local, distinguished faculty from a partner university will teach two more academic courses. In order to meet the minimum credit hour requirement, students will also be enrolled in a Chinese language course.

Before the official semester abroad begins, all students and faculty will have a couple of weeks to travel to different places in China. These academic excursions are also included in the program fees.

While it seems like an opportunity almost “too good to be true,” according to Kenny, it wasn’t very difficult to get the program approved.

“A high strategic priority for UNK and the Chancellor is international education,” Kenny said. “President Milliken, president of the University of Nebraska, has set clear strategic goals that he wants to see significant increase in study abroad programs, particularly longer term academically challenging programs. So UNK is working toward that goal by offering the semester abroad program to China.”

The Office of International Education plans to offer the study abroad programs to other countries in the near future. They are currently in the process of arranging a program to Mexico in 2011.

“I think it’s a wonderful opportunity, at a cost no more than it is to stay on campus, for students to build up their resume and knowledge on a semester abroad program,” Kenny said.

“By the time a student leaves a country after spending a semester abroad, they have done something that only less than 1 percent of all Americans get to do.”

Deadline for student applications is March 12.


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