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Spring break: plan, play, be safe
Justine Agaloos
Antelope Staff

As midterms creep around the corner and more piles of homework stack up on top of our desks, students and faculty members are looking for that dream getaway for spring break.

Whether you are staying in the area or traveling outside of the country, it’s always important to remember to stay safe.

Staying in contact with a buddy helps ensure a safer trip and can reassure family. If you plan on going to an area with nightclubs or if alcohol is present, remember to use your common sense to prevent any harm to yourself.

Barbara Amundson, senior lecturer in the department of travel and tourism, advises students to be cautious about the inevitable drinking during some spring break trips.

 “When going out to bars or clubs, always keep your eyes and your hands on your drink.  Do not accept a drink from someone you do not know.   If you feel your drink may have been tampered with, notify a manager or law authority.  It is advisable to designate one person who will not drink and be responsible for keeping track of everyone in the party and making sure everyone leaves together.  Do not leave your friends alone at the bar assuming they will find their way home,” Admundson said.

Remember to always be aware of your surroundings. Whether you are going to a beach or a club, always check where you are and how safe it is. You never know if you will come down with a medical condition or an accident will occur. Knowing if there is a local hospital nearby or grocery store if you need to buy products, and observing your surroundings can come in handy.

Communication is key while traveling on spring break or wherever you go. Keeping in touch with friends and family members will help reassure them you are safe and having fun on your trip. Keeping your cell phone at all times will help you remain in contact, so your important numbers should be programmed into your cell phone.

If you’re going with your friends, remember to stay together in a group and always use the buddy system.

Plan your spring break trip ahead of time and double check your schedule. If you have an itinerary, confirm the places you want to visit and reserve your hotel and airfare in advance. Remember to confirm your airplane ticket and check your reservations at your hotel before you leave. If you are on a budget, keep a notebook to write down how much you spend that day.

 While traveling, it is always nice to meet new people and learn about their culture. Just remember to use common sense while traveling so you can avoid pitfalls and have a great time.

Reporter Kevin Ward

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