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Life is short, enjoy it
Kaitlin Doty
Antelope Staff
Photo from Internet
The Buried Life cast members from left to right: Ben Nemtin, Dave Lingwood, Duncan Penn and Jonnie.
Photo from Internet
The Buried Life has a list of 100 things they want to do before they die, #59 is ask out the girl of your dreams. The cast tried to accomplish this in episode three by heading to LA to try to crash the Transformers 2 red carpet and get Ben a date with Megan Fox.

Do you have a bucket list of what you want to do before you die? “The Buried Life” guys do, and so do UNK students.

Start a dance in a public place. Learn to fly. Kiss the most beautiful girl (or boy) you have ever seen. Sleep in a haunted house. Run a marathon. Fly into space.

What is on your list of things you want to do before you die?

Ben Nemtin, Jonnie Penn, Dave Lingwood and Duncan Penn have created their list of 100 things to do before they die and from the list created a top hit MTV calls, “The Buried Life.” These four guys go out across the globe in their transit bus and try and complete their “100 things to do before you die” list. While completing things on their list, they help and encourage others they run into along the way to go after their own lists. For everything they accomplish on their list, they get someone to accomplish something on theirs.  

“The Buried Life” name comes from a poem written by Matthew Arnold in 1852. Penn, explains, “I read this poem in English class, and it gave me the idea that day-to-day stuff can sometimes bury you and make you forget what you’re passionate about in your life.” From this, what do you want to do before you die?

So their goal? To help strangers achieve their dreams.  

There are many reasons these guys wanted to start this journey. “Life moves fast, and we wanted to slow down and enjoy it. Given the ultimate deadline, people are forced to ignore the day-to-day trivialities that sometimes bury their lives and evaluate their most personal dreams and ambitions,” Lingwood said on "The Buried Life" Web site blog.  

It is a young generation of people who are out to make a difference in people’s lives. So far, they have helped 24 people along the way and have already accomplished 26 things on their list.


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