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Haiti hip-hop benefit concert raises $1,200
Alex Morales
Antelope Staff
Photos by Kevin Whetstone
Lyricist J. Carter spits rhymes as UNKs Eli Axcess Hammond provides the hype for swarms of fans who turned up for i9 Records fundraising concert at the Garage last Thursday. The Help for Haiti benefit show was put on in order to support the victims of the disastrous earthquakes that leveled Haiti just over a month ago.
Photo by Kevin Whetstone
Swarms of people come together for cold drinks and good music during the Help for Haiti benefit show held at the Garage in downtown Kearney last Thursday. The event featured five lyricists including UNKs own Eli Axcess Hammond and has raised over $1,200 in relief support funds for Haiti since the nation was leveled by earthquakes last month.

Just over a month after the catastrophic earthquakes struck and leveled southern Haiti, downtown Kearney brewed a rumble of its own. This time, however, it was in efforts to help the country get back on its feet.

The Garage, located just off the bricks at 15 E 24th St., opened its doors to i9 Records, and they did the rest.

Starting at 9 p.m. last Thursday, an energetic crowed started to flow as the “Help for Haiti” benefit concert got underway.

The show featured several artists including UNK’s own Eli “Axcess” Hammond. “The CEO of my record label has Haitian ties, so we decided to put on some shows in an effort to raise money for Haiti,” Hammond said.

Pizzie, CEO of i9 Records was present at the concert as well. His father was born in Haiti and moved to the U.S. when he was 20 years old. “Once we heard about the earthquake we were all rather devastated, so now we are doing as much as possible to help out,” Pizzie said.

As the crowd kept flowing so did the rhymes from five different hip-hop artists. The concert featured four new songs from Pizzie’s new mix tape, R.I.P. Blank.

High spirits, cold drinks and a hip-hop atmosphere kept the crowd uplifted well into the night.

Scott Anderson, a senior from Burwell, enjoyed himself at the concert. “It’s nice seeing a little variety of music. Most people wouldn’t expect a hip-hop concert in Kearney, plus it’s for a good cause,” he said.

Thousands of miles away and a month later, this hip-hop aftershock brought in nearly $1,200, all of which will be donated towards the Haiti relief effort.


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