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Cool it, cupid
Kelli Walters
Antelope Staff

There is no escape from the color burst that fills your eyes of pink, purple and red when you enter any store around this time.

Teddy bears fill one aisle while the next is full of assorted boxes of chocolates in all sizes.

There is nothing merchandisers do not make for holidays like this one.

Who really needs toe socks with hearts on them to celebrate Valentine’s Day?

This holiday is cute and all, but it really has been blown out of proportion over the years. We receive teddy bears that we do not know where to store, chocolates that go straight to our hips and roses that dry out.  I do not need those material items to feel the love.

I surely do not need a special day to let my boyfriend know how much he means to me.

It is sad that we need a day set aside to remember that we love somebody and to show them this.


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