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MyBLUE coming March 1
Kelli Walters
Antelope Staff
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UNK students will notice a change from WebEasi to My BLUE starting in March.

Out with the old, in with the new, that is for a new student and faculty registration and records system.

For students signing up for summer 2010 classes, no change, but the registration process for fall 2010 will be a learning experience.

My Blue, the name UNK chose to call the information portal from the PeopleSoft system, will be formally introduced to the UNK campus on March 1, 2010. Then, Instead of students using WebEasi and faculty using WebSmart, the systems will combine as one portal.

My Blue will offer links along the same lines that WebEasi did.  The schedule of classes, DegreeWorks and classroom scheduling software will all be found on the new system.   

“One thing I would like to stress to students is that they will still have full access, as they do now, to WebEasi until the end of the summer. My Blue will not completely take over WebEasi and WebSmart until fall 2010,” said director of student records and registration, Kimra Schipporeit.

Students may be wondering why the seven universities in Nebraska are tossing out the old system? Change was necessary. The vendor that has supplied the university system with the current SIS Plus software will not support portals such as WebEasi anymore.    

Students should have already received an e-mail in their UNK inbox with instructions for setting up a password for My Blue. Students who follow the setup instructions for the new system will be able to make the switch when it comes into effect.  A reminder e-mail will be sent out on Feb. 15 for students who have not followed the process.

“Students should be aware that their passwords for WebEasi and My Blue will not be the same,” Schipporeit said.

Departments all over campus such as the Financial Aid Office, Office of Student Records and Registration and The Financial and Residential Life offices are working diligently to get all the data needed entered into the PeopleSoft software system by the quickly approaching reveal date.  

“We have had to research the program, train, and enter 25 years of information onto the new software in 18 months. It has been a beastly process to say the least,” Schipporeit said.

As with any new software program, students and faculty may be confused at first, but everything will be there to accommodate their needs. Since all seven universities are using the same software with different portal names, all the information will be the same.  Some information and links listed on My Blue will not pertain to every campus.  “Hopefully with time and more research we will be able to customize our portal to the UNK way,” Schipporeit said.


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