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Career Services, Academic Advising join
Brie Maaske
Antelope Staff
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At the beginning of this semester, Academic Advising found a new home and partner in Career Services.

While you might assume that the two departments would almost go hand in hand, they previously weren’t even reporting the same people in the university system. “Of course we worked together because there are a lot of deciding students that have sometimes used career services to help them make decisions in what they want to major in. So we’ve always worked together, we haven’t hated each other, but we also have realized that there are probably a lot more ways that we can work together than we have been able to in the past,” said Mary Daake, director of Academic Advising.

With the university looking for ways to cut back on spending, merging the two offices hopes to save some money, while better servicing the students as well as others in the community. The Academic Advising and Career Services are both still located in the Student Affairs building, but they now share the space which was previously just Career Services offices.

“Now when a student comes in who is deciding, and hasn’t picked a major yet, we have all of the resources just right here in this office to help them with all of the things that they can do to make that decision. And we can look at their decision both academically and from a career development standpoint, and I really think that is a benefit for the students. Students don’t have to run all over. I know it’s in the same building, but when you have to go around and try and find a new place, it just sometimes takes more effort than people are willing to invest," Daake said.

Daake assures students that rumors Career Services won’t be offering many of their previous services are completely untrue. “We’re still doing all of the career fairs, we’re doing lots of presentations on resume writing and interview skills, all of those kinds of things that students need to know about. And we’re still doing practice interviews for students and reviewing resumes. All of those functions that career services has done in the past, the plan is to do the ones that are in demand, the ones that students want and that faculty members find useful in working with their students.”

Daake said academic advising will continue doing all the academic advising. “We do a lot of work with students who are having trouble academically too, and we will continue to do all of those things as well.”

Although the two offices plan to keep many things the same, they are planning new ways to aid students as well. “We’ve talked about the possibility of getting alumni groups more involved with talking to students about career opportunities. We’ve talked about doing some things with various colleges to help, like business students or fine art students, to help them more with the whole job exploration process.”

Career Services and Academic Advising also puts on presentations to help students land that special job. “Student groups or any kind of organizations that would like to have a presentation on anything having to do with careers, manners, professional dress, anything like that, all they have to do is give us a call, and we’ll set something up for them.”

Reporter Justine Agaloos

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