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'When in Rome,' love is in the fountain
Jessica Kenyon
Antelope Staff
Photo from Internet

Beth (Kristen Bell) is a career-obsessed New York museum curator. On the eve of the biggest opening of her career, Beth’s younger sister announces she’s getting married in Rome, and Beth is off to Italy for what she hopes will be a quick weekend. She needs to get back and oversee the big opening.

At the wedding she meets the handsome and charming Nick (Josh Duhamel) and begins to wonder if he might be the one (I know I would like him to be the one). But, after seeing him with another woman, Beth gets drunk, swears off romance, walks in the Fountain of Love and then makes the decision to remove five coins from the fountain to save those who threw them in wishing for love from a life of disappointment.

Of course, since this is a magic fountain, the owners of the rescued coins have a spell cast on them and fall madly in love with Beth, follow her back to New York and try to win her heart. Unfortunately, Beth just can’t seem to forget about Nick and, apparently, he has fallen for her too. Or has he? Beth believes one of the coins she took from the fountain belongs to Nick, so his feelings for her may be less than genuine.

This is where the movie gets funny. We are introduced to the insane suitors chasing Beth all over New York City. Beth struggles to complete the biggest art installation of her career while trying to hide from these insane men who believe they are in love with Beth. I, for one, would be embarrassed to be followed around town by some of the characters, but towards the end of the movie Beth handles it very well and gets them to help her with her grand opening.

Now, everyone might be sick of seeing the fairytale movies, but I definitely wasn’t. There is always a perfect, cute and a ‘hang onto the edge of your seats’ feel about love stories. I’m always entranced by them.

The movie constantly brings out men who are in love with Beth. But since Beth was not in love with any of them, it shows you that you should never settle for something you don’t want. Beth knew she was in love with Nick, and that’s who she was fighting for throughout the whole movie. Beth does everything she can to find out if the love Nick and her have together is real, and she does find out at the very end.

The PG-13 movie, “When in Rome” just shows you that you can find real love even with all the day-to-day craziness that happens in people’s lives. There are always twists and turns to stop you from being with the one you love or make you fall in love with someone you shouldn’t, but the movie definitely shows a girl and a guy who won’t give up on real love.


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