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'The Wedding Singer' comes to Kearney
Nate Britton
Antelope Staff
Photo by Debbie Epping
Denise Christensen, the business manager of the Merryman Performing Arts Center, has helped UNK team up with the Merryman to purchase 60 tickets to this professional musical. Students can get free tickets by calling Bonnie Mumm at 308-865-8205.

Tired of going to the movies? Need a free shot of culture for your valentine? Want to broaden your horizons for free?

Through a partnership with Merryman Performing Arts Center, UNK students can take in the professional production “The Wedding Singer” Monday, Feb. 8 at 7 p.m.

The nationwide tour production of the musical is based on a popular film about a rock star wannabe, Robbie Heart. The musical pays loving homage to the pop songs of the ‘80s.

 UNK partnered with The Merryman to provide funding to allow students to see professional performers live and in person in hope of making the Merryman a new venue for students. This is the first time the UNK administration has done anything like this, and they hope to see the students of UNK taking full advantage of this opportunity. UNK has purchased a block of 60 tickets and will be giving them to the students for free. However, there are only 30 tickets left, so call Bonnie Mumm at 308-865-8205 as soon as possible to get a hold of a free ticket. If you have waited too long, student tickets can be bought for a low price of $20 by calling Denise Christensen at 308-698-8297.

Broadway tickets for trendy musicals such as “Hair” can run as high as $260. Tickets for tours can run from $36 to as much as double that figure. Denise Christensen, the business manager of the Merryman, said she hopes to see a high UNK student turnout. “I really hope to see students at the play because I believe it will be worth their while.”

 Christensen said students should not miss this opportunity to see real professionals on tour in a Broadway musical.  “I think that is a great gift a college can give its students,” Christensen said. “This isn’t a local organization putting on the musical, but in fact a very talented group of actors coming right from Broadway to perform ‘The Wedding Singer.’”

Most of the time people in Kearney would have to travel to Lincoln or Denver to see such an event. “This is a great way for students to experience cultural events in their own town,” Christensen said.

Reporter Clayton Kush

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