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Students set for semester in Czech Republic
Jordan Hoff
Antelope Staff

As the spring study abroad trip to the Czech Republic approaches, some participating students find themselves excited and nervous. Scheduled to leave in March and stay until May, the students selected for the journey are preparing for a life-changing experience ahead of them.

One of the 22 students selected, Garrett Ritonya, a senior broadcasting major from Omaha, has many emotions about the trip. “I’m very excited for the experiences that I am about to encounter. Not everyone gets the opportunity to go overseas, and I feel honored and blessed to be given the chance to expand my knowledge of the world,” Ritonya said.

Planning to travel and live in another country can be a lot to take in and get ready for. It can leave a student with mixed emotions. Ritonya has never been out of the country before and is not a big fan of flying and admits to being a little nervous about the actual trip. The long plane ride has him worried most, but other than that he is ready to go.

Ritonya feels his experience as an exchange student will be filled with many adventures and something to remember forever. He expects to learn very much about foreign cultures, experiencing new things and making lifelong memories along the way.

The biggest issue in the preparation for students seems to be the money. Ritonya thinks the most stressful part about the trip is somehow coming up with the necessary funds in a short amount of time to pay for his trip.

Laura Beranek, a sophomore broadcasting major from Ashland, is also having trouble trying to budget.

“I am trying to manage my money better now, so I can have more spending cash there, but that isn’t going so well,” Beranek said.

Beranek has been talking to students that have gone in previous years to get more information and a better idea about being in a foreign country. Beranek is most excited about being in Europe during spring break and getting to travel on the weekends.

The host city for this trip is Olomouc, Czech Republic, an ancient, historical city located in northern Moravia. Students will do an 11-week program at Palacky University. During their study overseas, students will also have the opportunity to explore throughout central Europe. They will get to go on field trips in the Czech Republic, Prague, Poland, Austria and Germany.

As far as after the international adventure goes, both Beranek and Ritonya have big plans for their lives. Beranek will be moving home to work for the summer and plans to transfer to either Iowa State or Western Kentucky next fall. Ritonya is making sure he has everything set, so he can graduate upon completion of his trip and then move on into the real world.  

Study abroad programs allow students to get a chance to see the world from a completely different perspective. It gives them the opportunity to step out of the ordinary to further develop as one and learn about all kinds of different cultures and make connections around the world. It can be an experience that will last a lifetime.  

For students who might be interested in studying abroad sometime in their college career, there are many different programs open to all university students with trips every semester to different countries. Contact Ann Marie Park, the study abroad coordinator, at for any information about upcoming trips.


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