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Textbook rentals offer options for students, bookstores
Kelli Walters
Antelope Staff
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Starting this Fall semester, The College Store is offering over 250 textbooks for rent as opposed to buying a book for a class course.

The College Store is taking a new approach with textbooks this semester now offering a rental option on select textbook titles.  This service was created to help cut out some of the already expensive costs college students face every semester.

According to manager of The College Store, Len Fangmeyer, about 250 different textbook titles were available for rental this semester. “Students chose to rent the needed textbook over buying it, if the choice was available,” Fangmeyer said.  

Options for rental are determined based on the national demand of the textbook throughout the whole company. Books can be recycled for classes on campus or elsewhere. If a book is discontinued, then the book could be shipped to another College Store where it would be used.  

Fangmeyer said more textbooks could be available to rent next semester depending on the faculty members getting their book orders and requests in on time to the bookstore. This helps the bookstore locate and decide on the demand of the book, to then determine if students will have the option to rent or buy.  

It is no secret that online textbook purchasing has become a huge hit for students.  Fangmeyer said, “I am fully aware that students find ways around the high prices of textbooks.  The rental system is our way of competing with companies that sell books for cheaper on online sites."

John Matson, a junior Kearney computer engineering major rented half of his books this semester. “I probably will not rent my books again next semester for the fact that some used books are as cheap, if not cheaper, to buy and you still get buy back money at the end of the semester. If you do not receive the buyback money you feel is reasonable, then you can sell them to places online that give you more.”

Matson said other factors make buying a better option. “Also with renting, if you do not have the book back by the last day of finals you will be charged the remaining price of the book along with a 10 percent processing fee for a new book."

Reporter Ryan Larsen

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