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Should they really put a ring on it?
Emily Wemhoff
Antelope Staff
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Wemhoff argues the The value of my promise ring isnít worth much when it comes to money, but the value of its actual meaning is something I canít put a price on.

What is the deal with women and jewelry? Not all women are obsessed, but the percentage is high. I have never been a big jewelry fan. I’ll wear an occasion necklace and small studded earrings here and there, but enormous “bling” has never really interested me.

However, during Christmas break, my boyfriend of two and a half years gave me a promise ring. Now don’t assume things. Saying I’m not a huge fan of jewelry doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. I loved it! It’s beautiful and definitely something I will wear every day, not just because it looks good, but because of the meaning and the symbol that it represents. It’s a promise that some couples seem to mistake.

Many couples seem clueless on the meaning of a promise ring. For example, a while back, a few of my friends kept asking me why I didn’t have a promise ring yet. I just replied that we weren’t ready for that kind of a commitment. My friend tried explaining to me that she received one on her one-year anniversary. She was pretty convinced that promise rings should always be given on one-year anniversaries.

However, today, she and her boyfriend are no longer together, and she has a meaningless ring to keep in her jewelry box for years to come. I learned from her example that promise rings don’t need to be given out just because you and your significant other have been dating for so many days, months or years. Wait to give or receive one until there is a true promise of marriage in the future.

Many girlfriends wait patiently to receive that promise, but there are those whose patience runs thin and therefore, they desperately take matters into their own hands. To start off, there is the basic strategy of subtle hints. For example, women will drag their man to the mall for a day of shopping and spend the whole time commenting on beautiful rings in the jewelry store windows. It’s a simple strategy, but can be very effective. There is also the tactic of leaving pictures of promise rings up on the boyfriend’s computer screen. It’s obvious, but still not screaming, “desperate girlfriend” as much as the next example.

Sometimes patience runs thin when waiting to receive a promise ring— really thin. I know of a girl who bought herself a promise ring, gave it to her boyfriend, who wrote out a check to pay her back, and handed the ring back to her. This strategy is for those who are extremely desperate, but it does work if all you want is the ring. While I don’t recommend trying any of those tactics, I do recommend reevaluating the meaning of a promise ring. Actually, take time to reevaluate the meaning of engagement rings, wedding rings, etc. Often times it seems like the actual ring is more important than the meaning itself. When a woman gets engaged, the first thing I always hear is, “Oh! Let me see the ring.” It’s interesting how we sometimes judge the quality of a relationship or a future marriage by the size or the value of the ring.

The value of my promise ring isn’t worth much when it comes to money, but the value of its actual meaning is something I can’t put a price on.

Anybody can get one, but how many girlfriends receive a promise ring with an actual promise? There is no rule that a promise ring should be exchanged on a couple’s one-year anniversary. There is not a right or wrong time, just the right two people ready for that stepping stone. So if you’re the boyfriend looking for the ring, or the girlfriend waiting for it, remember, never make a promise you can’t keep.

Reporter Justine Agaloos

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