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Young team soars, sets goal: 'TOGETHER WE ACHIEVE'
Travis Borchardt
Antelope Staff
Photo by Staff
Becker is a seasoned veteran for the womens basketball team, on a squad that is young minded.

TWA— to some people this is a familiar acronym that stood for a company dedicated to helping humans achieve the humanly impossible, to soar over previous expectations and fly to any destination imaginable.  To the UNK women’s basketball team, TWA means essentially the same thing. No, not Trans-World Airlines, but rather “Together We Achieve.”

The women’s basketball team is an admittedly young team. According to Megan Becker, a senior advertising major from Beaver City, “We are improving every game, which is good.”

Not only do the Lopers have a young team on the court, they have a new face on the bench, coach Fredrika (Freddy) Yalden. “Coach Yalden brings great insight to the post position which helps a lot,” Becker said. “She brings enthusiasm to the team.”

Becker describes head coach Carol Russell as a defensive minded coach who pushes the team to not give up and to keep on their opponents. “We want to be aggressive on defense which will, in turn, fuel our offense,” Becker said. “We do use the ‘underdog mentality’ to our advantage going into games. We have nothing to lose, so really, we can just go out and play.”

The Loper ladies began the season with a goal in mind, win the RMAC. They will not be in a position to do that. They can, however, still get to the tournament if they stay where they are in the standings. The Lopers are currently ranked fourth in the eastern division of the RMAC, which would qualify them for the tournament.

The next Loper home game will be on Jan. 30 at 1 p.m. “This is where, literally, every game counts,” Becker said, “This is where we have to put it all together and win.” This is where TWA, teamwork, will be the key to the Loper success.


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