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'American Idol', horse races hypnotize crowd: Wand, on the other hand, hypnotizes students at 22nd annual performance
Jennifer Kardell
Antelope Staff
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Wand has entertained Kearney students for 22 years and travels around the United States each week to put on shows.

Dr. Jim Wand leaves nothing to the imagination when it comes to his hypnosis show. He has entertained the campus for 22 years, and many students hope to see the show continue to return in the future.

Many seem to be skeptical when it comes to hypnosis or are afraid of being hypnotized, but Wand reassured his audience that there is nothing to fear. He began his show explaining how he got into hypnosis and explained that it was all in the power of the mind.

Wand was a freshman in college when he first decided he wanted to better his life. He explained that he had been overweight and wanted to lose weight. He attended a hypnosis event and was able to lose weight thanks to the hypnosis and began to study hypnosis, bringing in some help from psychology classes.

Finally, he decided to take his show on the road and further his career as a hypnotist. His decision has brought years of laughter and entertainment to campuses across the country. Needless to say, he made the right career choice.

Wand began his show by bringing up 20 students, one of whom had been hypnotized before, proving his statement that there is nothing to fear. In his high-energy show he brought in current pop culture events that the audience could relate to, such as an “American Idol” segment. The segment couldn’t have been complete without celebrity guests Miley Cyrus and Taylor Swift.

OK, so Swift and Cyrus didn’t actually join Wand, but some students who participated in the hypnosis filled in by creating an alter ego of the famous singers.

Other segments turned students into fans of a horse race, which was a memorable moment of the show for Becki Schindler, a sophomore social work and family studies major from Elgin. “The best part of the show was the horse race. Jim Wand was very funny. He definitely kept it lively!” Schindler did not participate in the hypnosis but would love to attend the event again.

Sergio Lara, a freshman industrial distribution major from Holdrege, participated in the act, but after all was said and done, he was unaware of how long he had been on stage. “I don’t remember anything!” Lara said. Despite not remembering what he did on stage, Lara said he would attend the event again. This was his first time at the hypnosis event, and he said he would get hypnotized again.

There were many first-time viewers of Wand’s show, but some are hypnosis veterans returning to view another show.

Lauren Swertzic, a sophomore teacher education major from Silver Creek, is a veteran of the hypnosis entertainment but has not been hypnotized. Swertzic recommends the event to other students if they get the chance to go. “The show is so entertaining…I loved the “American Idol" segment. The show is great. People say and do some funny things.”

Luckily for fans who chose to view the show, they are able to remember the great memories of the event and can fill their friends in on what they missed while they were on stage.
You can learn more about Jim Wand, hypnosis and his shows at

Reporter Lyndsey Luxford

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