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Students think big for 2010 resolutions
Alex Morales
Antelope Staff
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After gifts are unwrapped, the sugar cookie stash reduced to crumbs, and particularly this past Christmas, after the driveway was scooped, Christmas ideals tend to be punctured and eventually deflated by unfulfilled expectations. But right around the corner, New Year’s begins to raise another sense of anticipation.

For junior Roxanne Steinbrink, a management major from Kearney, this second round of anticipation was not punctured, however. In fact, her anticipation propelled her from the starting line as she began to pursue her New Year’s resolution — to  compete in a half marathon. “I am doing this because it would be a rare accomplishment for me,” she said.

A rare accomplishment and certainly a challenge—these aspects offer quality ingredients for any New Year’s resolution. The half marathon will take place in Ft. Collins, Colo., in May.

According to Steinbrink, consistency with her training will be the most challenging aspect of her resolution. “I think that maintaining a workout routine that progressively gets harder will be the hardest part,” she said.

Tessa Kreutzer of Holdrege, a sophomore exercise science major, is also setting the bar high with her resolution. A marathon in itself, Kreutzer has her sights on reading the Bible beginning to end throughout 2010. “It was originally my sister’s idea. I liked it, so I decided to join her and take on the challenge,” she said.

Kreutzer is happy her sister is pursuing the same goal. “It’ll be nice to have someone along the way to keep me on point,” she said.

Although anytime is the right time to make a positive change or take on a challenge, every new year serves as a great point to alter your pace. Whether your resolution is to compete in a half marathon or read over 1,000 pages of infallible text, it is the willingness to be challenged that matters.


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