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Letter to the Editor: Students should be aware of award winning movie's basis in UNK history, says alumnus
John Mallon
Antelope Staff
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Mallon says the 1983 movie Terms of Endearment relates to a story when he was a student at Kearney State College in the 1970s.

I recently traveled from where I live in Omaha to my old alma mater in Kearney. I wanted to see for myself the new dormitories that replaced Cass and Ludden Halls. As a 1974 alumnus of then-KSC, I was glad to see the improvements on campus, but I still yearn for the history of these grand old buildings that were the showcase of the beginning of Kearney.

Before I drove home to Omaha, the next stop was to find an article in the Antelope newspaper. I needed to locate an article about the 1974 homecoming queen Nancy. Myself, along with a small team of students including Regina Mick, campaigned on campus to insure she would win this honor.

While at the Calvin T. Ryan Library, in talking to several students who were assisting me with the new technology, I discovered a fact that I was surprised with. I was disappointed to find out that none of the students I talked to knew about "Terms of Endearment."

This 1983 blockbuster movie was a real life story on campus at Kearney in the early 1970s. The story was about a love affair between a married college professor and an undergraduate student. I was there and, like many students, witnessed it. But in the 1970s, this type of behavior was common.

I feel the faculty and staff at the university should at least teach in the English department about this real life story so the student body would be aware of these events that led to a book as well as to an academy award winning motion picture. The book is at the Calvin T. Ryan Library. After all, it is a part of Kearney’s history.

John Mallon
1974 Alumnus


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