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'The Crew' is looking for you
Jennifer Kardell
Antelope Staff
Photo by Jennifer Kardell
Senior Nathan Gile stands outside of the Storm 'Wall of Fame' trophy case. Gile is the leader of 'The Crew', a new concept for Storm games this season.

When you think of Nebraska, the first thing that usually comes to mind is Husker football. The last thing you would probably think of is the sport of hockey.

However, the mind-set may have changed in the last couple years. There are three United States Hockey League teams in the state of Nebraska. One of them is located right here in Kearney, the Tri-City Storm.

Even though Kearney has many athletic events and sources of entertainment, UNK students still find time to get together to create and become a support group for the Storm. Known as "The Crew," this group is led by Nathan Gile, a senior business management major from Clay Center, Kan.

To some, hockey may not seem to be very interesting, especially if you have never been to a game. Head Crew member Gile thought along these lines until he witnessed the sport firsthand. Gile reassures you this is not the case with hockey, "I went to my first hockey game the season before last, and when I went, I wasn’t really expecting it to be fun. I never really got into hockey before I went, but once I went I became a hockey fanatic.

“I think this is the same with most of the college kids around here. They don’t know the game and don’t think it would be much fun, so hopefully we can get people to go once. I think that if they go just once, it will bring them back again and again. I went to all the games last year and haven't missed one this year."

"The Crew" is one of the many new additions to the arena and to the team this year and will have a section in which they will sit for 10 of the Storm’s 30 home games. The purpose of the members is to be loud, rowdy and above all, have fun while supporting the team.

Students can join "The Crew" on Facebook and will also have many benefits such as discounted $5 tickets to be a part of a great hockey experience. The benefits don’t stop there. With the purchase of the ticket, students will receive a drink and will also be able to get discounts on team merchandise as well the opportunity to get "Crew" shirts to support the group as well as the team.


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