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'Tis the season to find a job
Briana Duncan
Antelope Staff

During the school year, many college students have part-time jobs to help fund their education. What about when school isn’t in session? Christmas break is a great time for college students to make some extra cash.

Most wouldn’t complain about having an extra income during the holidays. Between shopping for gifts for family and friends and throwing festive parties, the money can get a little low. Seasonal jobs are the perfect solution to get your bank account back up and boost a biweekly paycheck. Retailers often offer store discounts, which can be used for gift purchases or a Christmas day outfit.

Seasonal jobs can also allow students to try a new job field, meet many new people, try new skills and also possibly continue as a full-time job. Most employers make a flexible schedule during the holidays, so students can possibly take on another job or visit family at home.

The big question is, where is the best place to find this holiday employment? Two industries extremely grateful for holiday staff: retail stores and restaurants. Places such as Old Navy, Toys “R” Us, or even Party America are great seasonal stores that need the extra help.

Hotels also offer seasonal jobs due to the travelers visiting families near and far.

Logan Bruner, a junior pre-nuclear medicine and radiography major of Shelton knows exactly how he’s going to spend his Christmas break. “I plan on refereeing basketball in surrounding towns like Elm Creek and Gothenburg,” Bruner said. Bruner referees during break but also continues when classes are in session.

Some students may not be working the entire break due to busy schedules but use the time off to get in some extra hours.

“I am working for just half of the break,” said Bill Hayward, a senior accounting and management information systems major from Mount Pleasant, Iowa. “I will be working for two weeks for the FDIC (the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation),” Hayward said. Hayward plans on spending the remainder of his break attending a wedding, spending time with his family, visiting friends and attending a conference for his fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha.  

While several students do look forward to making that extra income while school isn’t in session, others feel the need to take a break. “I really just need a break from studying,” said Whitney Smith, a sophomore industrial distribution major of Allen. “I plan on just using the break to spend time at home with my family.”

It doesn’t matter if you’re working hard to make that extra dough or are relaxing, taking a break from your studies, just know that many different businesses do hire seasonal help. The stores and shops may not be the only place hiring in the mall. Santa could probably use a few extra helpers or elves in his winter wonderland this year.


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