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'New Moon' rising
Jessica Huebert
Antelope Staff
Photos by Jessica Huebert
Photos by Jessica Huebert
While waiting for "New Moon" to start, Ruth Christensen, a senior secondary education major from Maxwell, uses her bright pink vampire chompers to take a bite out of Courtney Kadlecek, a senior elementary education major from Ceresco.
Photo by Jessica Huebert
Kearney's Cinema 8 theater was invaded by fans of "Twilight" for the midnight showing of the saga's second film on Nov. 20. All eight screens were sold out over a week before the premiere.
Photo by: Jessica Huebert
The opening of "New Moon" brought out all sorts of crazy outfits and homemade shirts from fans expressing their love for the "Twilight" series. Diehard fans showed up for the midnight showing hours ahead of time to ensure a good seat in the theater.
Photo by: Jessica Huebert
Cinema 8 teamed up with the Red Cross for the opening night of "New Moon." Pocket-sized first aid kits complete with vampire teeth were given out for a $2 donation.
Photo by: Jessica Huebert
"New Moon" fans are split between Team Edward or Team Jacob, the two leading men in the film. The midnight showing of "New Moon" brought out all sorts of kooky outfits and homemade shirts from fans expressing their love for the "Twilight" series.
Photo by: Jessica Huebert
Jennifer Richardson, a junior art history major from Stratton, Courtney Kadlecek, and Ruth Christensen eagerly wait for "New Moon" to begin. Cinema 8 reserved eight screens for the opening night crowds.

Biggest midnight opening– ever.

Crowds of UNK students and masses of people across the country, primarily females, flooded over 3,500 theaters at midnight on Nov. 20 to see the second film in the “Twilight” saga, “New Moon.”

The film took in $26.27 million during its midnight opening, surpassing previous record holders, “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” and “The Dark Knight” by a landslide.

The Kearney Cinema 8 sold out for all eight screens more than a week before opening night. Cinema 8 general manager, Mark Lusche, said it was definitely the craziest midnight showing they’ve seen so far.          
From homemade shirts declaring either “Team Edward” or "Team Jacob” to full on vampire costumes, fans were geared up and crowding the Cinema 8 lobby for hours before the midnight showing.   

“We went at around 10 o’clock,” said Stephanie Folkers, a senior social work major from Lexington. “We might have gone earlier, but since we already had advanced tickets, we had guaranteed seats anyways. It was kind of fun to see people so crazy and excited and all dressed up, even older women with shirts that said ‘Twi-moms.’ Waiting in line and seeing all the people was like free entertainment before the movie.”   

Cinema 8 also teamed up with the Red Cross for the evening, offering “pocket-sized first aid kits” complete with attached plastic vampire fangs for a $2 donation. These were a tie-in to the beginning of the movie in which one of the main characters, accident-prone Bella Swan, gets a paper cut that changes her entire world when she is nearly attacked by a member of her vampire boyfriend’s family. The first aid kit played on the obvious connection between the Red Cross’s need for blood donations and a vampire’s need for blood.                                                

Now, over a week after opening night, reports that it took only seven days for “New Moon” to reach the $200 million milestone that every big film hopes for, already surpassing the total income for its predecessor, “Twilight.”                          

Despite mixed reviews from critics, hard-core fans of the “Twilight” books, which the movies are based upon, can’t be kept away from seeing the film in theaters once, twice or even three times.             

"I thought it was better than the first 'Twilight' movie," said Ruth Christensen, a senior secondary education major from Maxwell. “There was more humor and action, and it definitely stayed more true to the actual book.”

Twi-hards continue flocking to the theaters, determined to help “New Moon” outshine all the rest.


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