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If you happened to walk through Mantor hall in the past few weeks, you may have noticed something unusual... read more

Over 500 international students from almost 50 countries, each with a story to share
Matt Kovar
Guest Writer
Photo by Matt Kovar
Rush hour traffic on 2nd Avenue, Kearneys busiest street, seems unusual to many international students from large cities.
Photo from Internet
An aerial photo shows the crowded landscape of the city full of high-rises and crowded streets of cities such as Nagoya, Japan, population 2.2 million.

Their Long Journey

Photo by  Evan Miller

Erica Alverado

Almost no English is spoken in Erica Alverado's hometown of La Esperanza, Honduras, population 180,000.  The different weather and lack of public transportation have also been a difficult change: "I have to walk everywhere, and it is very, very cold out now. I do not like it.”

Photo by Mike Cooley
Remi Thomas

Remi Thomas is from the quaint town of Nuevy, France, population 1,200. "I really like being here," Thomas said. "It's a life-changing experience."


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