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Hungry for helpers
Mike Cooley
Guest Writer

As the holiday season approaches, everyone is starting to make their list and check it twice: what to cook for Thanksgiving, where to travel and ideas for Santa.

  The local Campus Kitchen at UNK, however, is looking at a different list— the delivery list, that is.

Campus Kitchen is looking for volunteers to deliver meals or to heat up the stove tops once again this Thanksgiving for the annual “Turkeypalooza,” the largest activity that the group puts on.

Jenna Rycek, a senior psychology major from Kearney, is revved up and roaring to go on the huge cook-off. “This is a huge deal to the organization and to the families we serve,” Rycek said. The reward is the happy clients who appreciate the meals so much. “When I hear ‘Campus Kitchen is my family,’ it makes it all worthwhile,” Rycek said.

Rycek, who serves as the undergraduate coordinator for the organization, urges anyone to consider volunteering for the feast. “It’s not a commitment to the organization, and it’s not a ball and chain. It’s giving back this season to those who need it most.”

Even if you feel that you just don’t have that kind of time to help this time of the year, you can volunteer for this one-time event. “You don’t have to stay the whole period or do both tasks. Help with a little cooking or a few deliveries will go a long ways,” Rycek said.

 And with a planned meal count of near 150 containers, stacked with all the original favorites of a Thanksgiving feast, there’s no doubt that help is needed.

If you’re looking for a volunteer’s perspective, ask junior political science major Jordan Gonzales, who helps the organization through both student government and Greek life.

“At first, I participated in Campus Kitchen due to the fact that it was a community service project that my fraternity, Sigma Phi Epsilon, did annually,” Gonzales said. “However, the more I participated, the more it helped to give back to the community.”

Gonzales said he wants to give back to a community that gives so much to this school, but he also feels Campus Kitchen is a way to make great memories. “The most memorable moments in CK are the countless conversations you get to have with the people who receive the meals,” Gonzales said. “They are so happy and excited to talk to someone and tell stories about their past. That, by far, is most memorable and genuine.”

For more information, contact Peter Longo at 865-8528 or


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