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If you happened to walk through Mantor hall in the past few weeks, you may have noticed something unusual... read more

Boisterous South Korean a joker, dancer, chef
Mick Krupski
Guest Writer
Photo by Mick Krupski
Youll be hard pressed to find a time when Heo doesnt have a smile on his face.

If you make it over to the Health and Sports Center often, you have, without a doubt, encountered the gregarious young South Korean, Tony Heo, working behind the desk.  

He may seem like any other international student at first, but if you take the time to get to know him he will undoubtedly surprise you with his sense of humor.

Heo is majoring in culinary arts and business management. Kearney seems  very different for Heo: “In Seoul there are a lot of people,” he said about his transition, and “All the people are Asian.”

Language is a big barrier for many international students, but for Heo it hasn’t been that tough. “Most people understand me pretty well,” he said. And that has made making friends really easy.  Heo said his friends are about “half and half” between Koreans and Americans.  

One big difference that Heo has noticed between the two cultures: “I like to go to dance clubs to meet girls, but you don’t have any clubs.”  

Another difference for Heo has been in sports. “I love to exercise, but I don’t like group sports.” Heo said he isn't as fascinated as Americans with sports like baseball, basketball and football but likes swimming.

“I feel accepted at UNK,” Heo says of his experience so far.


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