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Village People wow halftime audience
Matt Tomjack
Guest Writer
Photo by Sanam Bahila
The Village People show their support for the volleyball team during the second intermission show as they danced to “The Runza Song” on Wednesday, Nov. 3. From left: Bryce Abbey, Xavier Chavez, Mark Bauer, Scott Fransk, Shawn Fairbanks and Cliff Summar. The song, written by Summar, was sung and danced to the tune of the popular Village People song “YMCA.” Matt Tomjack, Abby Richter and Tyrone Hilton planned the event with the aid of the UNK cheerleaders and Loper Legion.
Photo by Sanam Bahila
The crowd is ecstatic as Modern Language Lecturer Xavier Chavez shows them the proper way to make an “A” during the halftime promotion.

Everyone who has been to a UNK volleyball or basketball game has seen how memorable intermission promotions over the past few years have been.

From relay races to serving contests all the way to a visit from the Village People, the students of the sport marketing class put on some real class acts earning class credit— while testing marketing skills on real audiences.

Sport marketing professor, Dr. Cliff Summar started the promotions. “I set up an agreement with the athletic department to give my students some firsthand experience in promoting sponsors. Throughout it all, they will learn how to meet the sponsor’s needs, manage the event time and be creative while coming up with an event,” Summar said.

Loper athletics have many sponsors, and most fund an intermission activity. All have welcomed the opportunity to work with students. “The sponsors look forward to the new creative ideas that students come up with. Most groups don’t use the exact same idea twice. The sponsors have noticed a definite increase in audience participation too,” Summar said.

According to Summar, the biggest reward for the students are the chances to see their visions come to life.

“The sponsor is able to have some return on investing in UNK athletics, but the real reward is for the student. They work for weeks on these promotions, and to be able to say things went smoothly and the event was a hit is a real confidence booster for the men and women of my class.”

While all of the activities are fun and exciting, Summar maintains an educator's viewpoint. “All of my groups have been excellent and have learned a lot, but there is always room for improvement. There is always something that can be done better, and my job is to teach them to look for the maximum potential of an event before they put it on. Entertainment is what the crowd, the participants,and the sponsor all want. Our goal is to entertain with every event.”


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