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Music, art, tattoos captivate crowd at Japanese Festival
Debbie Epping
Antelope Staff
Photo by Debbie Epping
Yohei Hagiwara, a freshman aviation major from Gumma, Japan, flips through his favorite manga series. Manga is a Japanese comic and was among the many types of Japanese books, majazines and brochures displayed by the entrance of the 2009 Japanese Festival.
Photo by Debbie Epping
Yukie Imura, a junior biology major from Japan draws a Kanji tattoo meaning heaven on Angie Boersen, a junior communication disorders major from Grand Island.
Photo by Debbie Epping
Ayae Mori, a senior music major from Kagoshima, Japan, (left), and Risa Ito, a senior social work major from Aichi, Japan (right), display a sign hand-painted in Shodo or Japanese calligraphy. Both artists demonstrated their calligraphy skills in the union on Saturday night.
Photo by Debbie Epping
Japanese students impress the crowd with a powerful and exciting So-ran dance. The dance was a showcase of dynamic choreography and modern rhythms and beats.

Video by Holden Armstrong

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