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Got Cash? How to make an extra buck
Briana Duncan
Antelope Staff
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Money doesn’t grow on trees, but like most people in today’s economic hardships, college students, wish it did. Tuition poor students across the globe do in fact fall under the stereotype of starving academics without money and living off foods such as Ramen noodles and bologna due to a mass amount of debt with student loans and maxed-out credit cards.

College students can earn an extra buck on the side without letting their academic goals suffer as a result. Of course there is the obvious solution to make quick cash by getting a part-time job on or off campus.

UNK does have work study programs as well as other jobs working with 600 area employers and usually offering over 100 job postings at one time.

Do you have a digital camera? That is another easy way to make some extra cash for the weekend. Sites such as and allow you to quickly upload your favorite photos right from your computer. You then will make money every time a user downloads your image— while still allowing you to keep the copyright.

Students who also have a knack for writing well can use sites that pay for freelance work for creating blogs or articles. During the workweek, most sites will post new jobs every morning for freelance opportunities. Sites such as,, or have not only job postings, but also include tips on writing and the benefits of freelancing.

Many students on campus struggle at one time or another in classes such as math, science or English, so why not make money by helping others if you have the skills?  Students can do this by either setting up their own tutoring service or by applying to be a tutor on campus in the months of November and April for the following semesters. Applications are available online at

If needles and getting blood drawn do not make you weak, then donating plasma is a great way for extra pocket cash. Most places will allow donors to come in once a month and will pay up to $45 dollars per donation.  The minimum age for donating plasma is 19 years old in Nebraska, and donors must be at least 110 lbs. ZLB Plasma Service in Omaha pays for your plasma as do as other locations in Omaha and Lincoln.

Sites such as eBay or craigslist offer online auctions that allow the cash-strapped to sell unwanted items online at competing prices. Many students have old textbooks, furniture or sporting event tickets that they can sell online and make money by just sitting at a computer. 

Secondhand stores also may offer money for in-style clothing and give a profit when the items are sold. “EBay has been a great site for extra cash,”said Jessica Blex, a senior graphic design major from Syracuse. “I’ve also found that taking my unwanted to clothes to stores such as Plato’s Closet can also be a great alternative.”

In today’s society, environmentalists are constantly pushing “Go Green,” so why not recycle cans and bottles to make some extra money and keep Mother Nature happy. Mornings after big events such as Kearney’s Cruise Night would be a great time to make some extra cash by picking up those items.

To find out more information about on and off-campus jobs, students can contact the Student Employment Services office by e-mail at


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