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Strong soccer team bonds keep Lopers up
Rachael Cochran
Antelope Staff

When you think fall, college students often think football and volleyball in Nebraska. This year at UNK, however, was different. Football had to move aside and share Foster Field with a new sport, women’s soccer.

The team hosted a great season opener to Wayne State College. The ladies had enough fans, 3,227 strong, to break the NCAA record for attendance of 2005 fans. Those record-breaking fans also witnessed the ladies' first win with a score of 2-1. That was when new soccer traditions were started.

“Before every game we all stand in a circle holding hands. Coach gives us a little time to think, pray or prepare our minds for the game, and then he asks, ‘Are you ready?’ and we scream, ‘YES!’ We do that before every game now,” Falls City junior Emma Kelly said.

Other new traditions included team captain bonfires, shopping trips and movie nights. These girls found ways to have a good time. “We have a blast hanging out together. On long road trips we watch movies all together, shop together between game days and go out to eat. We have each other and that makes it fun,” Kelly said.

Even through a rough (1 - 18 – 1) season, the girls have learned to look on the bright side and focus on supporting each other. They are already starting preparations for next season.

“We have a lot of individual talent, and this season we have really been working on bringing it together. We still have a lot of growing to do, but it will get better. We are now just looking at where we can better our team for next year,” Kelly said.

Video by Rachael Cochran

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