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Frantz takes early steps toward job with pros
Clayton Kush
Antelope Staff
Photo by Bryan Molt
Frantz takes a break from his managing job and watches on at practice to get a better feel of how he can help improve the team from his position.

Ever since he was young, Alex Frantz has had a passion for the game of basketball. He loved the skill and athleticism of players flying up and down the court, making great moves and exciting plays.

During part of his childhood growing up in Miami, he would attend Heat games and be mesmerized by the arenas atmosphere and talent on the floor. He would think about how great it would be to work the team and show up to the arena every day for work.

Now in college, Frantz hasn’t given up his dream of working for a professional team and being around the sport that he loves.

Frantz, a sophomore from Omaha majoring in sports administration, transferred from UNO this semester. Upon arriving at school in Kearney, Frantz became interested in helping out with the men’s basketball team in any way he could.

It wasn’t easy for Frantz to get the job of being the team’s student manager, and it took quite a bit of determination. In his first attempt, he was told that with the number of athletic trainers the team had, there really wasn’t a need for the team to also have a student manager.

That didn’t discourage Frantz or stop him as he continued to be persistent. “I went to Coach Lofton’s office three weeks straight and kept bothering him about the position. Finally he gave in,” Frantz said.

Now that he has his role with the team, Frantz is excited about the experience he will get from being up close with a collegiate basketball team for an entire season.

His main responsibilities as the team’s student manager include assisting the coaches and players by helping set up before practice and also giving them a hand during a few drills.

He enjoys being with the team on a day-to-day basis and seeing how the team is run. “Hearing what the coaches say during practice, how they handle certain situations and how they motivate the guys are just a few of the things I’ve learned throughout practices so far,” Frantz said.

Frantz is hoping that his experience this winter with the team will help him get a job or an internship with a professional team. “This is a great experience that I can put on my resume, and would eventually like to do the day-to-day operations for an NBA team,” Frantz said. His dream job would be to work for the Miami Heat, as he lived there at one time.

As for now, Frantz has a busy season ahead of him, as do the players and coaches. He is excited to see what this year’s team can accomplish and is very optimistic. “I’m really glad to have been given this opportunity and am looking forward to the journey ahead for the team and I this season.”


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