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Game Day Illustrations puts creativity on cotton
Erik Dodge
Antelope Staff
Courtesy photo
Two fans stand side by side to compare their shirts. The Game Day Illustrations shirt (right) was the first shirt created by the company.
Photo by: Erik Dodge
Mason Doughty (left) and Bill Hayward (right) look over the design for a new shirt. They helped found Game Day Illustrations.

Bill Hayward made his idea for Nebraska football T-shirts a reality and got the attention of Husker football defensive lineman Ndamukong Suh on 1620 AM “The Zone” radio and in the process.

After seeing a Missouri shirt created for this season’s Missouri-Nebraska football game, Hayward, a senior accounting major, came up with an idea for a Nebraska version of the shirt. Originally he planned to make about only 10 shirts, but after fellow UNK student Mason Doughty designed the shirt and posted it on Facebook, interest grew quickly. “We’ve gotten publicity from a lot of different Web sites, and it’s been pretty exciting,” Doughty said.

Over 240 of the shirts were printed for the game, and nearly all of them were sold, leading to the creation of Game Day Illustrations.

Game Day Illustrations, a limited liability company, designs and sells shirts for Nebraska football games. The company is made up of Hayward, chief financial officer; Doughty, chief graphic engineer; Nate Summerfield, director of research and development; and Brad Green, chief marketing officer.

The T-shirts created for the Missouri game featuring Ndamukong Suh were sold for $15. Prices should not increase unless long sleeve shirts are used, according to Hayward.

Creating shirts begins with Summerfield, who is responsible for coming up with the idea for each shirt. Summerfield then brings the idea to Doughty, who draws them on his laptop using Microsoft Paint. “We’re planning on upgrading to a better program,” Doughty said.

This design is then sent to Buckle Screen Printing, and an order is placed. Typically, it takes two days for the shirts to arrive and another day for them to be printed. Once printed, the shirts are sold to people who have expressed interest on the Game Day Illustrations group page on Facebook or who have spoken directly with a member of the company. Missouri game shirts continued to sell even after the game had been played.  

Game Day Illustrations’s next shirt will be created for the Oklahoma game and features the slogan, “This Red Sea Won’t Part.” The design has already been released on the Game Day Illustrations group page on Facebook. Shirts are also planned for the Kansas game and the Huskers’ bowl game.
After the Missouri shirt was discussed on and was deemed better than its Missouri counterpart on radio 1620 AM “The Zone,” both Hayward and Doughty received a request from Ndamukong Suh that a shirt be sent to the UNL athletic office.

However, no shirt was sent because Game Day Illustrations first needed to be sure that sending the shirt would not be a violation of NCAA rules. Once the issue with NCAA rules is resolved, “I can see Suh wanting to wear our shirts in the future, for additional motivation,” Hayward said.


Posted by: blazeknc
Oct 28, 2009
MS Paint? Yeah you had better upgrade your paint program! Wow! Impressive though, that you can create those designs in that program!


Nathan Blazek

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