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The Antelope goes online
Jessica Huebert
Antelope Staff
Photo by Jessica Huebert
The Antelope staff revamped their online website, and now feature every weekly issue available every Wednesday afternoon.

Everyone is online. It’s undeniable most UNK students, as well as the rest of country, are Internet addicts. People turn to the Internet for news, socializing, homework assistance, entertainment and the list goes on. In the midst of this computerized world, UNK’s Antelope newspaper thought it better get with the times.                                                                                                                                             

“The new Web site,, launched in September,” said the online editor, Kaitlyn Noone, a senior multimedia major from Logan, Kan. “We did have an old site before this, but it was hardly ever updated and didn’t have nearly all of the options and capabilities that this new site does.”
The new Antelope site is now updated weekly, every Wednesday, as each new issue comes out. “We’re really excited about the site,” Noone said. “It looks great and has so many new things for students to check out. We can now upload interactive material such as videos and pictures and have photo albums with full-size images for people to look through. There’s also an archive of all of our issues so that students can go look at old issues and save stories or pictures that they or their friends may have been in.” 
The new Web site now allows breaking stories to be posted, something that’s not an option for the weekly printed edition. The site also has tie-ins to some of the most popular places for social networking, such as Facebook and Twitter pages. “The site itself could even be considered a mini online community,” Noone said. “Students can now get involved and comment on stories to put their opinions out there without having to write a letter to the editor.”
The Antelope online staff has been working hard to give the students of UNK a great source for all campus, community and world happenings. “Our main goal here was to give the Antelope an online presence, where people have access to everything in the newspaper, plus more, straight from their own computer.” 
For news, entertainment, features, sports, galleries and more, head over to, or go to and scroll down to “The Antelope Online” under the quick links.


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