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Wild West events lasso up school spirit
Kylie Tielke
Antelope Staff
Photo by Josh Moody
Mantor Hall won the window decorating contest with their depiction of a western town. The artwork was displayed on the front windows of the library.

Grab your hats and strap your boots, it’s that time of year again. Time for dancing, singing, cheering and showing your blue and gold spirit. Welcome to the Wild, Wild West, homecoming week at UNK.

The committee has added a few new events, including the first event judged on Monday, “Deck the Halls.” Mantor Hall won the competition.

“We all put together a bunch of different ideas, and then the LPAC committee votes on which one they believe is the best. This year they chose the 'Wild, Wild West' theme,” Tim Danube, associate director of the student union, said.

 “This event is new this year. In simple terms, this is a window decoration competition,” Danube said.

According to Danube, students were allowed to start the set ups for the event as early as Tuesday of last week to get extra points, and the window decorations around campus are simply a visual reminder to everyone that homecoming is coming, to raise awareness and to raise campus spirit.

Another new event this year is the “Battle of the Brains,” held on Wednesday.

“So many things we do involve physical competition, such as the trike race. This year we thought we would do something with more brain power, so this event is just like a quiz bowl for the students,” Danube said.

Another new event, the stunt competition, is a song and cheer competition created by the students.

The most popular event during homecoming is still the traditional lip-sync competition, begun 20 years ago.

“This competition has been here for the 17 years that I have been here, and the participation and audience keeps growing. Students will always remember this event on Thursday night where 1,500 students were watching and cheering them on,” Danube said.

“I have actually attended the lip-sync competition. I was surprised by how many people were there, but it was also really fun to watch. There was so much energy and school spirit,” said Jeremy Bauer senior finance major from Lincoln.

Another aspect of homecoming Danube stresses is student participation.  According to Danube, homecoming week is a chance for students to develop many different skills.

“Part of what we do at the student union is promote and encourage student development. During homecoming week, students learn a lot of leadership skills. Also, when students feel at home and part of the campus community, they usually have a better GPA and have more fun,” Danube said.

“I have not attended any homecoming events, but I always hear a lot about them. I know people who have went to the lip-sync competition, and it is an event that I really need to attend. It sounds like a lot of fun,” said Brittany Osborne senior finance major from Atkinson.

Danube believes that if students who have not attended the homecoming events in the past would come or even participate, they would have a lot of fun and enjoy themselves, as well as meet new people.

Anyone can participate in these events, but according to Danube, a lot of times it is sororities, fraternities and the residence halls.

“Between the Greeks and residence halls, homecoming week has become a huge, growing tradition,” Danube said.

Homecoming week began Monday and ends Saturday with the homecoming parade. For a list of events and times, visit .

“This is a great campus tradition and a great way to raise campus spirit. I really hope students will attend the events and hope everyone enjoys themselves,” Danube said.


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