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Break out the boxers for the first ever Blue and Gold Bloomer Run
Jessica Kenyon
Antelope Staff
Photo from Internet
The first ever Bloomer run at UNK will start Oct. 15 at the Cope Fountain.

Can you imagine UNK students running around in their undergarments? That’s right, as crazy as it sounds, students will strip down to their undies for the first annual UNK Blue and Gold Bloomer Run.

Junior psychology major Ben Clancy of Dawson and junior broadcasting major Amanda Hodge of Grand Island decided to start an event to show their spirit during homecoming week.

“The idea to run in our underwear is really something to get people excited. Anyone can put together a pep rally, and the same people who are already excited will show up. But by doing something different, I really think we can bring out some people that otherwise aren’t really interested in getting involved,” Clancy said.

Students involved in the Bloomer Run will gather at the Cope Fountain Thursday, Oct. 15 at midnight, and then proceed to take a run around the UNK campus to show their support for the Lopers.

“We’re going to start at the fountain, head south to Bruner, go west to the field house, turn north to University Drive, head east to CTE, finally go up past the union and back to the fountain. It’s a pretty long run, but we’ll all make it,” Hodge said.

While this event hasn’t been approved by any school official, different levels of authority, including the UNK police, have been notified that there just may be over 100 students running around half-naked Thursday night.

Clancy and Hodge decided to create a Facebook group, which now has 128 members.

One of the members, junior exercise science major Vance Herberk of Hastings, said, “It may be awkward [running around in your skivvies], but sometimes awkward moments are the most fun and most memorable.”

Although some students might not want to show up because of the dress code, they should know that they will be among their fellow UNK students wearing the same thing. No one will judge you, and everyone will be kind. This is just adults having fun— adults in their underwear.

“Some people might not be comfortable going on a run in their skivvies at midnight in the middle of a Nebraska October, in the company of mostly strangers, but that is a risk I am comfortable taking,” Herberk said.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln has  a bloomer run, known as the Scarlet Streak. This year will be UNL’s third biannual event.

“Ben and I were bored one night and on Facebook, we came across the profile of a friend who participated in UNL’s event, and we were like ‘whoa, we have to do this’ and it just kind of grew from there,” Hodge said.

So if you’re up for the challenge, don’t forget to show up at the fountain Thursday, Oct. 15 at midnight. You and your friends need to be there. The more the merrier.


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