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Linguists, special agents and interns: The FBI scouts UNKs campus looking for men and women in black
DeAnn Reed
Antelope Staff
Photo from Internet
FBI Agents came to UNK to stress internship opportunities in the field.

Imagine sitting at a desk transcribing, translating or even reporting on an intercepted terrorist’s conversation.

Now see yourself as a special agent conducting a covert operation where drug runners are being tracked down on an interstate highway.

Or perhaps you see yourself as an intelligence analyst collecting and gathering important data that could help the FBI with an ongoing investigation. All of these jobs are currently available if you are willing to work for the FBI.

Last week, recruiter and special agent Monte Czaplewski was on campus for the FBI. His mission: To seek out new talent for the agency. Czaplewski said the jobs that are currently available are the honors internship program, special agents and professional support staff.

The honors internship program is a program where a student trains in an FBI office for cases that may involve criminal activities like drug investigations or terrorist financing.

The new intern gets a well-rounded look at how the agency works through different groups and cases inside the FBI. The entire expense of the program is paid for by the organization. 

Czaplewski said the interns are given a unique perspective into what it takes for the agency to function. “They are given that opportunity to see… internally what the FBI is. How we do it and the diversity that it takes to have a strong foundation for an agency such as ours,” Czaplewski said. The hiring rate for those who do apply for the intern position is high, he said.

The professional staff support job can encompass roles like intelligence analyst. “Cases are generated based on the knowledge we have…intelligence analysts are job specific,” said the FBI agent. He said the role analysts play at the agency is incredibly important, and recruitment for this job is a major prong of the agency right now.

Special agents at the FBI may work on foreign counterintelligence, cyber crime, organized crime, civil rights violations, finance crime and other violations of federal statutes, according to the agency’s Web site.

The FBI agent said he personally believes the need for FBI jobs comes from an increase in things like terrorism activity in the country and publicity about the organization. He said that the draw of law enforcement is also another component of job recruitment.

Czaplewski said the recruitment effort for the FBI at a local level is an important aspect of the agency. The agency tries to use the career fair along with the criminal justice program to develop those important bridges into their local community.

Czaplewski said it is vital that a student interested in a career with the agency find out as much they can about the organization. Being honest is the best policy and being realistic about the goals you want to achieve in the FBI, Czaplewski said.

It’s also important that students be straightforward about the mistakes they have made in their life. “We all make mistakes in life, but what is important is what a person does to admit and to move on. You know those things that you did in your past may come back to haunt you,” Czaplewski said.

Students interested in a job with the FBI can find more information through the FBI’s Web site

Video by DeAnn Reed

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