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Loper Zone tries to raise student spirit in athletics
Matt Tomjack
Guest Writer

Unfortunately due to class schedules and the busy lunch hour, many students are unable to attend Loper Luncheons featuring interviews with coaches and players hosted every other Thursday over the lunch hour.

Now, a new event, Loper Zone, will offer a chance for spirited students to catch up on interviews with coaches and players in a place convenient for them, Chartwells.

Loper Zone is guaranteed to entertain, and students will come away with more knowledge as well as great prizes. So students should brush up on their Loper sports knowledge before the event and be ready to compete for prizes ranging from T-shirts to gift cards and promotional items from sponsors. Trivia with prizes will be a part of every Loper Zone.

 “Loper Zone is a biweekly event created to provide UNK students access to information about what is going on in the world of Loper athletics and intramurals,” said Laura Gormley, a UNK athletic intern from Omaha .

Loper Zone has been put in place to raise game day awareness and foster school pride. “When students were asked last year why they didn’t attend home athletics or other school events, the No. 1 reason was that they didn’t know when the events took place.

“With a production like Loper Zone, we are trying to raise awareness of UNK athletics and intramurals as well as other things around campus to get students involved in supporting UNK,” Gormley said.

While many note traditions and student support are lacking at UNK, a strong and dedicated band of students and staff are trying to change that. Loper Zone is just one of the steps in extending awareness of UNK athletics and creating a base for traditions.

According to Gormley, “Chartwells should definitely be thanked for generously letting us use their space to produce Loper Zone. We are also in debt to the Antelope Bookstore for donating our prizes for giveaways.  Loper Zone is looking to work with any on campus organizations with the hope of increasing awareness of UNK athletics.”

Video by Sam Spiehs

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