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Seniors gain employment world experience
Lyndsey Luxford
Antelope Staff
Photos by Lyndsey Luxford
Senior Kacee Geiger from Exeter adds her creativity to a homecoming flyer. Geiger is a visual communications and design major.
Senior Nate Eskra of Beatrice shows a few of the pieces that the Publication and Creative Design Services have produced. Eskra is a student worker for the department.

“The students get prepared for the real world.”

“No, not the real world. How about the other world, the business world? No, not the business world.”

“How about we call it the employment world?”

“The employment world it is.”

Whatever the phrase is, Publications and Creative Services, a branch of University Relations at UNK, currently has three visual communication majors interning to gain that “employment world” experience. Seniors Amy Jacobson from Kearney, Kacee Geiger from Exeter and Nate Eskra from Beatrice are all visual communication and design majors who work with supervisors behind the scenes for departments across the campus. All three interns have been working closely with Randy Mattley, who has been the director of Publication and Creative Services (PCS) for the past 20 months.

“We help sell UNK. We help identify UNK by overseeing and managing the logos both athletic and institutional, and that they are used consistently. That’s what we do, help sell UNK. We help put UNK’s best image foot forward,” Mattley said.

“You learn the basics in the classroom, but being here in the workflow gets you ahead and gets you prepared for the future,” Geiger said.

“One of my goals was to extend the classroom. I wanted them to get the opportunity to work on real projects that are going to get printed, seen and used for campus clients or for us here,” Mattley said.

Staff at PCS have three major duties: design, development and production. These responsibilities can range from recruitment pieces and on-campus pieces to athletic pieces.

“When I say pieces, I mean anything in print. For example, we create brochures, posters, direct mail, letterheads, and the list can go on and on. We also are involved with Web design and online video,” Mattley said.

Mattley makes sure his team produces products with consistency and that suit the purpose for which they are designed. It is important that all of the print work corresponds with online. It is important to have the same ongoing theme: colors, typefaces and even the logos.

Steve Schrodt, the director of Copy Services, oversees the process of getting from the concept stage to the actual printed stage. “He works with a lot of the vendors to help get things produced,” Mattley said.

Schrodt also oversees production. He coordinates and helps the student interns.

“We all work hand-in-hand. The biggest challenge has been to get all of the media components to look consistent,” Mattley said.

The products this team produces are everywhere: in the magazine, New Frontiers, the faculty newspaper, Columns, and on conference table covers, name tags, banners and even commencement programs. UNK students and faculty cannot go anywhere on campus without looking at a product produced by this team.

“We make sure the public knows who we are, where we are and what we have to offer. Those are the foundational building blocks,” Mattley said.


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