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Holy BCS nightmare, Batman: First few weeks of 2009 season leave preseason polls in ruins
Matthew Iberg
Antelope Staff

Cinderella, watch out. The top 10 is a dangerous place.

Five weeks into the college football season, very few things are certain anymore.

Out of the 120 FBS (formally Division I) teams, 13 remain undefeated.

The previous two Heisman Trophy winners are out with injuries, teams ranked in the top five are losing at the rate of one per week and teams ranked in the top 10 are losing twice a week.

Where will the next two months lead us?

Your guess is as good as mine.

One thing is for sure though; a Southeastern Conference team will be in the BCS National Title game for the fourth straight year. With Florida, Alabama and LSU all in the top five, it’s hard to imagine a scenario where all of them are snubbed of the title game.

Along with Florida, Texas and Alabama, LSU, USC and Miami are among the best teams in the nation.

Miami has played four games against ranked opponents in Florida State, Georgia Tech, Virginia Tech and Oklahoma. After going 3-1 against top 20 teams, the Hurricanes are in control of their national title hopes. Their next eight games are against unranked teams.

Something to note of interest—Miami and Virginia Tech could continue to climb as they both keep winning. Both are favored for the remaining of the season in each of their games.

But ask USC, Penn State, Mississippi, Oklahoma (twice), Oklahoma State, Houston, Florida State, Notre Dame, Miami, Georgia Tech, BYU, Utah, California, North Carolina, Washington and Michigan about being favored in a game. Each have lost while being ranked in the top 25 to a lesser opponent.

Some have recovered (Miami and USC).

Some have not (Oklahoma and Mississippi).

If the first half of the college football season is anything like the second, we will be in for a treat—and a headache.

The BCS computers will likely once again give at least one team the cold shoulder when it comes to getting into the title game. The BCS could dash a few teams’ hopes about a national title, but for Boise State and TCU, the computers may determine their fate of a possible BCS Bowl Game birth at all.

So college football fans, buckle up and enjoy the ride. It’s going to be an interesting two months.

The Iberg Awards
Surprise Team of the Season: Miami
Biggest Loser of the Season: Oklahoma
Teams to Watch: Nebraska, Iowa, Oregon, TCU, and Ohio State

Way too early, end of season predictions
Big 12 Champion: Texas
SEC Champion: Alabama
ACC Champion: Virginia Tech
Pac 10 Champion: Oregon
Big East Champion: West Virginia
Big 10 Champion: Ohio State

BCS Bowl Game predictions
Rose Bowl: Oregon vs. Ohio State
Fiesta Bowl: Nebraska vs. Boise State
Orange Bowl: Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia
Sugar Bowl: Florida vs. USC
BCS National Title Game: Texas vs. Alabama

Matt Iberg's Top 25

1. Alabama
2. Florida
3. Texas
4. LSU
5. Miami (FL)
6. USC
7. Virginia Tech
8. Ohio State
9. Boise State
10. Cincinnati
11. TCU
12. Penn State
13. Oklahoma
14. Oregon
15. Oklahoma State
16. Nebraska
17. Iowa
18. Auburn
19. Georgia,
20. Georgia Tech
21. BYU
22. Kansas
23. Missouri
24. South Florida
25. Wisconsin


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