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Preacher Condemns UNK
Erik Dodge
Antelope Staff
Photo by Erik Dodge
As many as 60 students swelled around Jesse Morrell on Sept. 25

“You deserve hell for eternity,” Jesse Morell said to a crowd of UNK students while speaking on Sept. 24 and 25.

This was a consistent message of Morrell’s self proclaimed “sermon on the hill,” given outside of the student union.

Morell and Kevin Pulver, each with a bible in hand,  ‘preached’ to an upset student body and condemned a number of others including sorority girls, gays, lesbians, gangster rappers and the Pope. The crowd swelled to as many as around 60 at points in the afternoon and was visited by a local pastor and a UNK campus police officer. Students’ reactions ranged from shock to outrage as well as a group singing songs that presented a more loving message of Christianity accompanied by an acoustic guitar.


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