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QBQ! teaches personal accountability
Chelsea Archer
Antelope Staff

Does this sound familiar? “I swear all of my teachers get together and schedule tests on the same day,” or “Why does this keep happening to me?”

We are all under the pressure balancing classes, work and a social life. So how can we keep ourselves from being so negative? QBQ! or Question Behind the Question, may have your solution.

QBQ! is a personal accountability training program founded by John Miller who developed the idea when selling sales management training programs to business executives. 

“He heard a lot of bad questions and thought of a way to turn negative thoughts into positive ones,” said Kristin Lindeen, daughter of Miller and speaker of the QBQ! Thursday, Sept. 17, Loper Programming and Activities Council (LPAC) event in the Ponderosa room.

But what exactly does QBQ! teach?

“QBQ! is designed to help us ask better questions,” Lindeen said. “It helps us recognize bad questions that usually begin with a why, what or who. The program focuses on leadership, how to control our thinking and eliminate the three traps of victim-thinking, procrastination and blame.”

According to the QBQ! Web site at, once those traps are eliminated, productivity, teamwork, morale, creativity, safety, communication and problem-solving are enhanced. 

“The information is valuable to learn about ourselves and how we communicate,” said Tim Danube, assistant director of the Nebraskan Student Union. “This is something that students can apply to school, work, and their relationships with others, and beyond college into the workforce.”

Video by Chelsea Archer

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