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PeopleSoft to replace WebEASI
Erik Dodge
Antelope Staff
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PeopleSoft is set to replace WebEASI on the UNK servers this week. The corporation was founded in 1987 out of California.

Sept. 14 is the target date for the eventual replacement for WebEASI to go live.

All students registering for their first classes on a University of Nebraska campus will be using the new PeopleSoft student information system after that date. Those continuing regular enrollment will continue to use WebEASI and WebSMART until next fall.

The move to the new system affects both students and faculty and has involved years of planning. “The student information system serves as the foundation for the campus,” said Kim Schipporeit, the project’s campus leader and UNK Registrar. This system houses all student records,
course records, transcripts, class schedules and rosters.

The target date for graduate admissions to go online is Oct. 1. Spring and summer information will remain on WebEASI for students and WebSMART for staff, but from fall 2010 forward all of this information will be moved to PeopleSoft.

In late January, students will be invited to set up accounts on the new system— which will continue to use the NU ID number but will require students to create a new password. Students can expect to have their first PeopleSoft experience when taking care of financial aid in late March, according to Schipporeit.

The student portal, WebEASI, will be replaced by a portal called MyBlue. Students will be able to customize their page, adding features such as news updates and sports scoreboards. Tutorials explaining how to customize the page will be available on the site.

At least 19 UNK representatives are involved with the project as well as representatives from UNL, UNO, UNMC and 30 consultants from the CedarCrestone Technology Consulting Company.

The program, which is scheduled to last two years, has been in progress for more than a year. Members of the administrative staff have been traveling to the project headquarters in Lincoln once a week to receive training.

“We basically try to run the office and run the project at the same time,” Schipporeit said.

Funding has been acquired from the State Legislature. On Dec. 3, 2007, University of Nebraska President Milliken and Nebraska State College Chancellor Carpenter discussed funding the new student information system in a joint meeting with Governor Heineman. The Legislature authorized $20 million for first year expenses in April 2008.

SunGard provides the current system used at UNK for the past 20 years. Now the company has a whole new version of the system.

“It was a matter of us either switching to the whole new system from SunGard or going to something else because the one we are on now is going to discontinue maintenance,” Schipporeit said.  

Implementing PeopleSoft will increase efficiency and contain cost in the long run, according to Schipporeit. Database Administrators will no longer be necessary on each campus with one system shared by the four University of Nebraska campuses. A few central University employees will be able to run the database while campus administrators run the local operations.  

Implementing the new system is “quite a process,” and will come with a “learning curve,” said Mike Pelster, Assistant Director of Recruitment.

However, Pelster is optimistic about the new system and the admissions department’s ability to “work through any kinks.”


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