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Top ten reasons why freshman chose UNK
Abby Richter
Antelope Staff

Remember when your senior year of high school was winding down and you needed to figure out what college you would be attending in the fall?  Well, it’s that time of year again, and when students were choosing colleges, the University of Nebraska at Kearney was a hit.  As the new year is just beginning and freshman are mingling, the low-down on why these freshman students chose UNK has came down to ten reasons.

10. “I chose UNK because it was close to home and less expensive.” -Catherine Paulsen, Arapahoe

9. “I picked UNK because they offer a great educational experience, and our sports teams are very good each year in and out, especially track.” -Scott Nannen, York

8. “I chose UNK because it was cheaper, and it had a better rate [compared to other schools] to get a job after graduation.” -David Prater, Kearney

7. “I chose UNK because they have one of the best industrial distribution programs in the nation, and I was able to join the cross country and track team.” -Travis Walker, Kearney

6. “UNK was my top pick because when I visited here it seemed like a friendly atmosphere” -Layne McConville, Indianola

5. “I chose UNK because it offers both strong academics and athletics.” -Derek M Schnell, Lincoln

4. “I wanted to attend UNK so I could have the opportunity to run cross country and track.” -Laura Fritson, Minden

3. “I chose UNK because it’s not too big and not too small, and there aren’t a lot of hicks!” -Jessica Dexter, Burwell

2. “UNK was my first pick because it’s far enough away from home, but close enough if I need something.” -Lauren Kongsjord, Seward

And the number one reason is...

1. “I chose UNK because I wanted to be close to the ocean [comically], and I wanted to go to a public institution in Nebraska that was affordable.” -Simon Falcon, Bellevue

There we have it. Those were the top ten reasons why only a few of the many freshmen chose UNK. Whether they were being comical or serious, they all seemed hopeful and excited about the new school year.



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